Hammondsport Upper Launch

Hammondsport Upper Launch


Rules - Sensitive Site - Read, Understand, & Follow All Rules

  • Requires RAF membership
  • This is private property! You enter and use at your own risk!
  • Repeat, this is private property! Please behave accordingly. Respect the landowner's wishes.
  • No pets. No parties. No fires. No cutting of trees. Leave no trash. Please keep the place clean. Clean up if necessary. Report any undue occurrence to a Club Officer.
  • Do not trample or damage any crops or fields, even if it may not look like a crop to you. Report any damage to the landowner immediately, and offer to compensate for it.
  • Leave gate as you find it. Drive slowly and carefully. Drive only up to the cabin. No vehicle past the cabin.
  • If there are people using the cabin, be polite. Park so that you do not block others.
  • All pilots must be current and valid members of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA), and comply with all USHPA rules and guidelines.
  • Pilots also must be current and valid members of the Rochester Area Flyers (RAF), and follow all RAF rules and guidelines.
  • Anyone wishing to fly this site must first have a site introduction by a qualified local pilot. No Flying is permitted without first contacting one of the following Club members: Moritz, Katrin, or Louis.
  • Any pilot wishing to fly this site must be familiar with all site rules, or be in company and supervised by someone who is. 
  • If you see a new pilot, or someone you don’t know, introduce yourself, get acquainted. Make sure that person is familiar with the site and knows all site rules. Don’t let somebody make a mistake because you are reluctant to approach others.
  • If you notice someone doing something wrong, don’t hesitate, tell that person. Explain the situation so everybody will know how to do things right. Don’t let a site get lost because you fail in this simple task!
  • Do not invite any spectators or visitors, especially not into the launch and landing areas. Do make sure that any spectators, guests, and any other non-flying persons (including pets - NO PETS!) stay clear of launch and landing areas and generally do not get in the way. Also make them aware of any dangers to them.
  • Make sure you do not cause harm to others through your actions or negligence, for example through fly-away gliders. Always tie down your glider if left unattended. Immediately after landing, leave the LZ so others can land too. Break down your glider in the Break-Down Area, safely away from any flying activity.  


  • East side of Rt. 54, 2 miles North of Bath NY
  • 390 S (switches to 17)
  • Exit 38 (bath/hammondsport) rt 54
  • Take rt 54 towards bath ~2.7 miles
  • landing -- Continue straight on 54
  • takeoff -- R on Mt Washington Road ~2.5 miles


  • 1750 MSL
  • Truncated Slope Launch
  • North West
  • Setup allows >20 gliders to be set up at any one time
  • Owner is sensitive to car activity so drive slowly
  • Do NOT drive into the fields
  • Launch is accessed from Mt. Washington Road


  • There are two landing fields (LZ): The Main LZ, and the Emergency LZ. If you land anywhere else, you do so without permission and at your own risk!
  • The Main Landing Field is the mowed grassy area BEHIND the church. Please park all vehicles so that you are not in the way, or disturb any church activity.
    • 850 MSL -- Along dirt road
  • The Emergency LZ is the field directly below launch. It is mainly for emergencies. If you land there you will have to carry out all your gear. Driving in is only permitted on the dirt road, and only up to where the building is, not beyond. Drive slowly and carefully. Again, this is private property, so behave accordingly. 
    • 950 MSL -- 5 acres -- Directly below launch
  • Rolling landing fields. Don't overshoot! Inspect landing fields before flying!


  • Airport Control Zone near Elmira 27 miles downwind
  • 6 miles turnaround
  • Left turns from landing field


  • Many local campgrounds
  • Recommend Hickory Hill outside of Bath