Bristol Mountain

Bristol Launch - Blowing in nicely!

Bristol Launch - Blowing in nicely!



  • Requires RAF membership
  • Closed during hunting season - mid Oct - mid Dec
  • Car pool to launch to avoid congestion at the launch site
  • Access road gate has combination lock
  • Close the gate behind you upon entering each and every trip
  • When finished flying lock the gate
  • Requires current intermediate rating
  • Novice rated pilots require direct supervision by a pilot familiar with the site


  • N42 44'47.9 W77 24'08.2
  • Launch located on Stid Hill across from Bristol Mountain Ski Area
  • Turn Left onto Stid Hill Rd from Rt 64 about 1.5 miles South of the ski area
  • Launch access road is 2 miles up Stid Hill  near Bill Rd intersection
    • Please drive slowly
  • Nearest town is South Bristol, NY


  • 1450 MSL
  • 900 AGL
  • Hill Launch: West
  • Setup allows approximately 4 gliders to be set up at any one time


  • 450 MSL
  • Primary landing is in ski area outer parking lot adjacent to Rt. 64
    • 2 acre lot + adjacent fields next to ski area parking lot
    • About 6 miles turnaround
  • Alternate landing in most any valley field
  • Wind in the valley is usually N/S
  • Horse pasture with electric fence immediately south of LZ
    • Difficult to see


  • Soarable in light westerly WNW - WSW
  • Frequent evening wonder winds
  • Narrow valley - Strong rotor with >15MPH west wind


  • Many local campgrounds
    • Recommend Ontario County Park
      • Road located off Rt 64 at South end of the valley at the Bristol Grocery Store