Dansville Launch

Dansville Launch



  • Requires RAF membership
  • Requires current intermediate rating
  • Novice rated pilots require direct supervision by a pilot familiar with the site


  • I-390 to Dansville
  • Take Exit 4
  • Left onto 36 (regardless of N/S direction on 390)
  • Turn right onto Main St/ 63 South (about 1 mile)
  • Left onto Sahrles Road (about 1 mile)
  • Bear left, onto Mendoleine Road, at the S Bend in the road (about 1.3 miles up hill)
  • Left onto Sterner Road (about 1/2 mile), which becomes McNeil Rd
  • # 6286 on left, paved driveway, green Maplelane Stables sign (cutout shape of maple leaf)
  • Drive slowly toward house, then carefully across lawn toward barn.
  • Park in woods, off laneway to right of barn (leave laneway clear)
  • Walk down the laneway "path" to the launch


  • 1560 MSL
  • Shallow Slope Launch
  • West South West
  • Setup allows approximately 5-7 gliders to be set up at any one time
  • Beware of turbulence at launch due to cross winds
  • Beware of turbulence after launch due to sheer cliff face to left
  • Shallow slope launch technique required


  • Primary LZ
    • 880 MSL
    • 10 acres in front of south end of ridge
    • Interstate 390 exit 4, then left onto Rt. 36 north
    • Turn right onto Main St /Rt 63 south
    • Turn Left on Liberty St, 2 blocks turn right on Cottage Street.
    • Continue to Park Hill Apartments
    • LZ is the field next to the apartments
  • Alternate LZ (SW of Apartment LZ)
    • ame directions to Main St/ Rt 63 south (as above)
    • Turn left on Kyle, go one block
    • Right on Matthews Trail
    • Park along Matthews Trail
      • Do not drive beyond gate on Kyle.
  • Top Landing behind launch is OK if no crop is planted
    • The top field slopes toward launch
    • Landing cross wind (diagonal to the ridge) is recommended


  • Beware of sailplane and airplane traffic
  • Airport in valley to the North
  • Soarable in SW-W wind


  • Many campgrounds
  • Recommend Stony Brook State Park 4 miles South of Dansville on Rt 63