Italy Valley

 Italy Valley launch 

Italy Valley launch 



  • Requires RAF membership
  • Requires current intermediate rating
  • Novice rated pilots require direct supervision by a pilot familiar with the site
  • There will be no open fires, no overnight camping, and no ATV's or motorized vehicles
  • Make sure all trash etc, is taken out when individuals leave
  • Launch owner often checks if he sees activity so
    • Be on your best behavior with everyone you encounter
    • Always close & lock the gate behind you
    • Contact Steve Van Dyke (585) 261-4477 only for emergency or questions


  • N42 36'47.5 W77 18'43.0
  • Near Italy Valley NY


  • 2000 MSL
  • Round Slope Launch
  • South South East
  • Setup allows >30 gliders to be set up at any one time
  • Access launch from valley floor using right turns (CR #21 west/Basset Road/Woodhill Road/Entrance Gate)
  • Close gate at all times
  • Access road has chain with combination lock
  • On county road 21 in Italy, NY (Near Naples, NY)


  • 1100 MSL
  • 810-830 Italy Valley Road, N 42 36.434, W 77 17.714)
  • East of launch about 1/2 mile down the valley on the North side of the road
    • Difficult to make if you get below launch-level
    • Beware of deep gully running through the field - AVOID
    • Small LZ
      • If you are not familiar with it - Walk It
      • Make sure that you will be able to land in this smaller LZ with your equipment and under the conditions of the day
      • If you have not landed there before you need to be introduced to it by a local pilot who has
  • **Bail-out LZ 8 acres across the road directly in front of launch
    • Emergency LZ Only  - We do not have permission to land here
  • Beware of power lines along the road
  • Field on launch side of road is too small for landing
  • Beware of changing wind direction in landing field
  • Rotors and back eddies are common in the field directly behind launch
  • Recommend top landings be done North of access road


  • Soarable in SE wind


  • Some campgrounds in area
  • Recommend Ontario County Park in South Bristol