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Harriet launch looking north

Harriet launch looking north



  • Requires RAF membership
  • Requires current intermediate rating
  • Novice rated pilots require direct supervision by a pilot familiar with the site


  • N42 40'45 W77 31'12
  • Honeoye Lake, NY


  • 2100 MSL
  • Shallow Slope Launch: North North East
  • Setup allows 7 gliders to be set up at any one time
  • Turbulence at end after launch in East wind
  • Avoid congestion of public overlook area. Car pool to launch
  • Launch is located in Harriet Hollister Spencer State Park overlooking the South end of Honeoye Lake. Drive South along top of the west ridge (Canadice Rd) to the park entrance. (about 6.5 miles South of Rt 5 & 20)


  • 800 MSL 3 acres below launch (not visible from launch)
  • Landing field is on County Road 36 (West Lake Road) about 2 miles South of the lake
  • Prohibited to land in all other fields
  • Landing field slopes toward the lake. Recommend landing diagonally across field headed toward road
  • Valley wind generally flows North or South
  • Ditch across North end of LZ
  • Power lines parallel to the road


  • Flyable in North East wind


  • Some campgrounds
  • Recommend Ontario County Park in South Bristol